5210 Program to Fight Childhood Obesity

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At the Y, we’re committed to children’s healthy development and well-being. We want to make it easier for busy families to eat well and get plenty of physical activity so they never have to face preventable life-threatening diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

5210 education is provided in all YMCA School-Age Child Care and Preschool Child Development programs. It helps children to: learn about healthy eating and exercise, redirect excessive “screen time” (TV, computer use, video games, etc.) and select healthier drinks. Aspects of 5210 are incorporated into a variety of other Y programs such as swim lessons, Youth Super Sports, Child Watch, First Tee, and Summer Camp. And, because we want to model good habits for our kids, even our vending choices have changed to be healthy ones.

5210 educates children, already participating in our programs, about making healthy choices and provides take-home educational materials so families can support healthy choices as well. The 5210 program is based on the most recent science and research available; we’ve added “the Y way” to make it fun and interactive for children. 5210 is built on four main pillars that help children live healthy every day:

5210 apple5         Five servings of fruits and vegetables each day

Five servings of fruits and vegetables each day provide children’s bodies the nutrients needed to live healthy every day. Encourage your family to eat more fruits and vegetables by serving them often. Children, seeing other family members eating fruits and vegetables, tend to eat and experiment more.

5210 screen2         Two hours or less of screen time daily

Two hours of screen time or less provides children the opportunity to sit less and move more to live healthy every day. Television, video games, smartphones, and computers are now part of all our lives. They are entertaining and can help our children learn. But too much screen time, such as watching TV or playing electronic games, can be unhealthy. Children who spend a lot of time on screen activities are more likely to have health problems.

5210-beach-ball1         One hour or more of physical activity each day

One hour or more of physical activity each day helps children live healthy every day. Physical activity helps decrease stress, improves sleep, makes bones and muscles stronger, and helps children feel good.

5210-soda-canxx0         Zero sugary drinks

Zero sugars in drinks help children live healthy every day. Sweetened sodas, fruit punch, ice tea, and sports and energy drinks contain a lot of added sugar. Too many sugar-sweetened drinks can lead to unhealthy problems such as dental cavities and unwanted weight gain.

The 5210 program incorporates lessons and activities about healthy eating with physical activity. Together, they encourage healthy behaviors through active play, literacy and math-skill development, creative learning, and hands-on snack time activities.

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.