Adult Programs

yoga womenPrograms for ADULTS

Because . . . grownups should incorporate “play” in their day too.

Let’s face it, life is busy and stressful so adults need activities to help reduce stress. The Y has so many choices to help with that. We can help you form an exercise and nutrition plan, but why not also try something new? Or how about picking up a sport you used to play? You can play with other adults, or you can play with your family members. Ask us for ideas! We promise, whatever you decide to do at the Y, you will be a nicer human being after playing at the Y.

Activities & Events

Families that play together, stay together – and have a much stronger bond. The Y knows that families are under such stress these days and one of the best ways to reduce stress is to spend some time playing together.

Adult Sports & Recreation

There are more than just weights and treadmills at the Y; why not try one of our team sports programs to stay active and meet new friends? Sports are character-building for adults, too. The camaraderie of working as teams to achieve a win, the refreshed spirit at the end of game well-played — adult sports are a great way to de-stress and renew your spirit, mind, and body.

Exercise Classes

The YMCA is for healthy living so we offer a wide variety of group exercise classes; most are included free with your membership. Group exercise provides a meeting place for people with the same likes and interests. Our instructors are certified and will offer alternative methods to meet all levels of intensity and impact.

Group Interest

Whatever you like to do with friends, the Y probably offers opportunities to do them. Or you can find a new interest and make new friends in the process. Some of our groups are interested in art, bible study, book clubs, trips, walking, and writing.

Healthy Lifestyles

Keeping active is vital to good health so we offer a LOT of ways to do just that. We offer everything from Aerobathons to Zumbathons, and Nutrition Classes to training for 5Ks. Want to do something we don’t offer? Tell us about your idea!

Community Education (YMCA Membership not required)

The Y is a great resource for the communities we serve and we open our doors to anyone interested in a variety of important things people should know, like CPR.

Community Events (YMCA Membership not required)

Throughout the year we open our doors for a variety of events so everyone can see what the Y is about.

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.