Nutrition Programs

Nutrition 101

Come learn basics of nutrition and healthy meal planning. Our registered dietitian will break down and explain principles of healthy eating for weight management and general well-being. End the lecture series with a grocery store tour!
Intensity Level of This Program: All

Nutrition Consult Package

Consult with the Y’s registered dietitian. Discover the basics of good nutrition and how to create delicious meal plans that will help you accomplish your health and fitness goals. Consultations offer weight loss and maintenance guidance, education for disease prevention and management, meal plan development, recipe modification, and nutrition for optimal athletic performance.

Nutrition Counseling

Learn how to eat a balanced diet by following the Plate Method and the American Heart Association recommendations for a healthy diet. The Microfit Diet Analysis Tool, Diet Analysis Plan and our qualified nutritionists guide you toward making positive choices with your diet and exercise plan. A variety of package options are available to suit your needs. Call for fees.

Nutrition Seminars

Learn proper nutrition, meal planning, and how to prepare foods for a healthy diet that helps with your weight-loss goals. Twice monthly seminars are conducted by a registered dietitian.


Visit our Health Hub for articles and tips for nutrition and healthy living.

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.