Frequently Asked Questions

Our educational support program is designed to provide your child with the time and space to complete their virtual coursework. Our Y staff will do our best to provide guidance. However, we will not be able to teach the children’s lessons or monitor individual progress because of the mixed-age and school groupings since all lessons would be different per child. Please review all assignments and teacher communication channels with your child before dropping them off so our staff will be able to efficiently assist you in assignment completion.

Yes, please send your child with their tablet/laptop, including a charger, each day to complete their required assignments. If your child needs physical supplies for an assignment (construction paper, markers, etc.), please pack those required materials for your student. The Y will not be able to provide tablets/devices for children.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of participants and the potential volume of printed materials, we will not be able to print assignments for your child. Please print assignments in advance.

Our schedule will support school provided schedules for completing assignments and studying. Most assignments should be able to be completed in the time provided. If a student has not completed their work, they will still participate in the Kindergarten through 5th Grade Student Support program and will need to complete the remaining assignments at home. If a student finishes early, they may use the remaining time for independent reading, educational games, and activities.

While this may change as we all adapt to virtual learning, our schedules will mirror the school’s requirement and will be dedicated to completing virtual school assignments. Children will have space and time to connect with their teachers, complete assignments, and read. During the afternoon, students will participate in active and engaging activities by age group, sports, games, and other planned enrichment activities.

This varies by location. Please contact you center for specifics.

We greatly appreciate your sending the following items with your child(ren) on their first day at the Y. Please make sure every item is marked with your child’s name. These items will be stored in your child’s home base room so that they are clean and available each day for your child during the program.

• e-Learning device for virtual class work (fully charged, with a charger included)
• Headphones, earbuds, or other inexpensive individual earphone device
• Pencil box
• Pencils
• Pens (if needed)
• Small children’s scissors
• Crayons
• Ruler
• Glue sticks
• School loose leaf paper
• Pocket folders to place completed work in and to communicate with parent
• Composition or spiral notebook
• Tissues
• Gallon “zip lock” bags
• Reusable water bottle
•Change of clothes
•Peanut/tree nut-free lunch (we’re sorry we do not have refrigerator or microwave availability)
•Healthy snack for the morning and afternoon. Some sites may have lunch or snacks provided.
•Book to read during quiet time. Please do NOT bring toys from home.

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