Dennis-and-Phyllis---HHEach day is a new beginning and an opportunity for a fresh start

Phyllis and Dennis committed to their health, read their story for inspiration about your own health journey:

The Y brings people together, providing educational programs to promote healthier decisions that support physical, intellectual and spiritual strength. Phyllis and her husband of 50 years have been members of the Y for the last 11 years, where Phyllis took lessons to learn to swim.
Two years ago, they were struggling with their health and weight. They had dedicated their lives to helping others, but realized they must first take care of themselves. They participated in a small group program to learn to exercise moderately and make better food choices. These changes have resulted in wonderful health benefits, including increased energy, decreased stress, illness prevention, and healthy weight maintenance.

Phyllis has lost 50 pounds and is very thankful she no longer requires medication for anemia, osteoporosis or high cholesterol. Her doctor said he attributes this improvement to her habits of healthy eating and regular exercise. It is no surprise that with her passion for helping others, she and her husband have begun facilitating similar groups at the Y. She says she wants everyone to be healthy and enjoy life the way she and her husband do.

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