Youth & Teens Orientations FAQ

Why are we allowing youth as young as 8 years old on the wellness floor?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity now affects 17 percent of all children and adolescents in the United States – triple the rate from just one generation ago. Today, one in six children are obese and one in three is overweight, which poses greater risks for several health problems such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and mental health issues. The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA has made a promise to our youth to combat chronic disease by eliminating barriers and providing access to our wellness centers so that our youth can live a better quality of life.

As a member, will I have to share cardio equipment with youth?

Youth are members and will be expected to adhere to wellness floor etiquette and should be treated as respectfully as any other member.

How many youths will be on the free weight side?

There is not an accurate way to tell exactly how many youths will be on the wellness floor at a given moment. However, based on school schedules and parent availability, we can predict that most youth will utilize the wellness floor after local school systems release and when working parents are available to accompany their child.

How will the Y ensure that proper gym etiquette is maintained?

Each youth and guardian will be expected to complete two (2) hours of education and perform practical skills that cover proper usage of equipment, rules on the floor, and safety. The Y will ensure proper gym etiquette is maintained through training during the orientation and consistent monitoring of the wellness floor.

Are youths going to be escorted by an adult?

Youth ages 8-11 will be within an arm’s reach of an accompanying adult. Youth ages 12-15 do not require an adult to work out, however, wellness coaches will be monitoring for gym etiquette and safety.

Are youths going to be properly trained on safety and how to use the equipment?

The Youth & Teens Wellness Orientation is broken into two one-hour sessions. Youths and guardians will be expected to attend before using the wellness floor. The orientation includes an introduction to the workout sequence, cardio equipment, strength training equipment, and free weights/bodyweight exercises based on youth readiness. Safety, proper form and gym etiquette are heavily stressed.

What will youths be allowed to do on the wellness floor?

The youth will be allowed to use all the equipment. Recommendations and limitations will be dependent upon their height and the ability to safely perform exercises.

Can children work out at other centers once they have been oriented?

Youth may work out at other centers within our association once orientation is complete and they have received their wristband.

Can my child work out on the wellness floor at another association?

No. The Youth & Teens Orientation completed at a center within the YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas association will be honored only at the centers within our association.

How does the wristband system work?

Upon completing the Youth & Teens Wellness Orientation, youth will receive a wristband. Youth 8-11 and their accompanying guardian will be required to wear an orange wristband while in the facility. Guardians of youth 8-11 will keep youth within arm’s reach.

Youth 12-15 will be required to wear a green wristband and may use the facility without a guardian present. Wellness coaches will monitor youth for etiquette. The guardian will be contacted if the youth is unable to act appropriately while on the wellness floor. Privileges will be removed if youth are unable to correct behavior.

My child currently works out on the wellness floor. Will they need to complete this new Youth & Teens Wellness Orientation?

Yes. All youth currently on the wellness floor will need to complete the new Youth & Teens Wellness Orientation. The guardians of youth currently on the wellness floor are expected to be present at the Youth & Teens Wellness Orientation to ensure they are aware of the expectations and updated procedures.

What group exercise classes are best for my child?

Group exercise classes recommended are yoga, dance, pilates cycle, and equipment free classes are recommended for youth 8-11. Check your center-specific group exercise schedule.

My child completed the Youth & Teens Wellness Orientation when they were 11 but now they are 12. How will they get a green wristband?

When youth turn 12, please contact the wellness coordinator to set up a time for youth to check in and perform a skills test. Youth will be expected to answer questions and perform basic exercises safely before being allowed to work out alone.

How close will I need to be to my child to be considered within arm’s length?

Youth 8-11 will be expected to work out directly beside their accompanying adult during the entire workout. The responsible adult will be expected to ensure safety and proper etiquette.

What if my child forgets their wristband?

Your child is expected to be responsible for wearing their wristband while in the facility. If a wristband is lost or forgotten, you will be required to pay for a replacement band. The band fee is $1.

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