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Youth Basketball

Because…Basketball was invented at the Y and it is one of the most popular sports in the world.

Besides being just plain fun, playing basketball is good for you. It builds endurance and tones the body, it burns calories, increases speed, agility, flexibility, coordination, and can be a good cardiovascular workout. Playing basketball helps develop a team-player attitude, improves concentration and self-discipline, enhances confidence and you can make new friends.

Basketball creates bonds and friendships because it brings people together. Kids learn to socialize and social skills are something we can carry with us for all areas of our life.

The Y offers a variety of basketball programs for all ages. The following programs are not held at all YMCA locations; contact your local Y to find about basketball.

Youth Basketball Programs

Hoops Basketball

2 Points! Instructional class focuses on the basic skills of dribbling, shooting, and passing for the sport of basketball while working with a YMCA instructor and other children in a structured class setting. This class provides a foundation for growth and the opportunity to further the enjoyment of basketball. (Age-appropriate separation of teams)

Youth Super Sports Basketball

Youth Super Sports trained coaches introduce the basic skills and rules of basketball. Some of the fundamentals included are dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, and ball handling. Good sportsmanship and character development are emphasized. Fitness concepts include fitness for the heart, lungs, and muscles, flexibility, and healthy eating.

      • Rookies Level I (Ages 3-5)
      • Rookies Level II (Ages 6-8)
      • Winners Level I, (Ages 9-11)
      • Winners Level II, (Ages 12-15

Basketball Clinic

Ball-handling, shooting, offensive drills, defensive skills, finishing at the basket, rebounding, and passing are included in our fun drills and skills clinic. You’ll be a better overall player by the start of your next basketball season.

Travel Basketball League

      • Travel Basketball for High School: Travel to other YMCAs in the area and play competitive coed basketball with other high school participants.
      • Travel Basketball for Middle School: Travel to other YMCAs in the area and play competitive coed basketball with other middle school participants.
Programs are offered seasonally and may not be available at all locations. Use our Program Search feature or call your local Y for information.

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Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.