YMCA Family,

As you know, The YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas has suspended our facility operations to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus through April 24 per today's executive order by the Governor. However, we have not "closed" shop.

The YMCA has a long history of adjusting operations to provide critical support and care for those in need, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no different.

However, we need you to STAY WITH US, in order to continue to provide needed services and ensure you can return to the YMCA you know and love. Your membership dollars are crucial during this time.

The Governor today asked for schools and communities to partner together to help provide child care for healthcare workers. Last week, we began operating four emergency child care centers to support essential hospital workers so that they can care for the sick.

We are supporting our seniors through online health resources and personal phone calls to check on their welfare.

We are now supporting the regional and national blood shortage problem by partnering with the American Red Cross to offer blood drives at our locations.

And, we continue to support our members by updating our virtual membership services regularly, and we are now broadcasting live classes from your favorite instructors.

We look forward to the day, soon, when we can again serve you in person, and continue to help support you as you grow healthier in spirit, mind, and body. Until then, we ask you to STAY WITH US.

Your Y membership is so much more than access to our pools and gyms—it's a chance to make a difference in our community. Our members have always been the most important part of the YMCA. And now, more than ever, that remains true. To keep your membership active, there is nothing you need to do. Just know, we are incredibly grateful for your support, and you are genuinely making a difference.

We also know some of you are not in a position to do so, and we completely understand. We will put your membership on hold until which time we can reopen to serve you again in person.

The YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas has been serving our community for over 120 years, and with your help, we will be here for GOOD.

Adam Klutts
President and CEO


We understand that our decision to suspend our operations for two weeks is not ideal, and I can assure you this decision was not taken lightly. In fact, it was the most difficult decision I have had to make in my 25-year YMCA career.  

We may never know if this drastic measure was the right move, but we would absolutely know if staying open was the wrong one. 

Even though our facilities are closed temporarily, we are working diligently to offer you continued value to support your health during this uncertain time.  These services include workouts you can do from home, tips for staying healthy, and access to over 100 online video resources from certified experts in health and wellness and group exercise.  Additionally, we have made SilverSneakers resources for our Active Older Adults available. These resources are available now on our Virtual Membership tab above.

We are also working on resources for families and children to stay active and help ward off boredom as we all are settling into our new, short time, way of life. These resources will be released soon. 

The YMCA is a nonprofit charity, and membership dues and donations are the foundation for much of the work we do.  We will continue to pay all our employees during the two-week shutdown to prevent financial hardships that would arise form missing an expected paycheck.


Also, we will be working with local hospitals to provide childcare for hospital employees so that they may care for the sick in our communities.   

We ask that you consider supporting our efforts during this unprecedented time by keeping your membership active and utilize our digital membership resources to stay healthy during this time.  This will significantly aid your ability to stay healthy and our ability to serve our community.  


Thank you for your membership to the YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas. Together, we are a stronger community. We thank you for helping us be part of the solution and look forward to resuming full operations as soon as possible. 



Adam Klutts

President and CEO


The YMCA is a relationship organization. We bring people together – large numbers of them, from all backgrounds and circumstances – and create personal connections. Our proximity to people and communities is an organizational asset. 
As we follow the reports and learn about COVID-19, we know the very nature of how it spreads, presents significant challenges to how we deliver our mission and strengthen the community.  
We also know that it affects high-risk populations, many who are in our YMCA's daily, and understand we have an obligation to protect our staff, members, and our community has a whole. Your safety and health are our Priority.  
Strengthen our communities and helping people live a healthy living is at the core of what we do.  Our leadership staff and volunteers have asked the critical question, what is the role of a YMCA at a time when people are being advised to keep their distance from each other?  
Governor Northam suggested that the main Peninsula is a potential "hot spot," and our local governments are taking drastic measures to curtail the spread of this virus. This includes a ban on gathers of over 100 people and reduced movement around the Peninsula.  
To fully support the national focus on flatting the curve of the spread of this virus and out of an abundance of caution, the YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas will be suspending ALL operations on Monday, March 16 - Sunday, March 29.  
This decision was not made lightly, but we feel we have a social responsibility to help protect all of the members of our community.  
We are working to support our local hospitals and their workforce by providing emergency child care for their essential staff, so they can continue to work and help those in need.  
During this time, all our facilities will be deep cleaned, so that we can reopen to serve you as soon as we are able.  
Exercise is a critical component to allow your body to stay healthy and fight viruses and infections. We are working quickly to support you during this shutdown be providing virtual workouts, group exercise, and coaching. We will continue to communicate these options for you soon.  
Please refer to our website for updates and resources. We will be monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis and resume operations as soon as possible.  
I urge you to follow the advice of our health and government officials, as well as practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently, and stay home and seek medical advice if you feel ill.  
The YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas has been serving our community for over 120 years. Our community is strong, and we will get through this situation together.   



Adam Klutts
President and CEO



At this time, our facilities have ceased operation until April 24 to aid in the effort of flattening the curve of the virus spread. We have a social responsibility to help protect all members of our community.
Why did you shut down?

Governor Northam identified the Peninsula as a potential “hot spot.” He ordered our local government to take drastic measures to curtail the spread of the virus, to include a ban on groups gathering of 100 or more.
To support the national focus of “flattening the curve” of the spread of the virus, and based on local and state government measures, we have a social responsibility to help protect all of the members of our community.
How will the Y serve members during the shutdown?
To help members remain physically active during this time, we have provided a digital platform to serve members virtually with over 100 group exercise videos, workouts members can do from home, and tips for staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.
How will the Y support the community during the shutdown?
During the COVID-19 pandemic, our hospital workers experience additional hardship as schools are closed, but they need to report to work to care for the sick in our community. We are working with two local hospitals to provide child care for children of essential employees during this tough time.
How can I contribute to the Y to help my community during this time?
Service interruption of this magnitude does not come without significant financial impact. And we know that members of our community may also face hardship. Donating to the Y will help support those who will need financial assistance and our support during and after the pandemic.
What is happening to my membership dues during this time?
Membership dues are the foundation of much of the work we do. While our facilities are closed during these two weeks, we’ll be continuing to pay for our employees. In addition, we will be working with local hospitals to provide child care for hospital employees so that they may care for the sick in our communities. We ask that members come alongside our efforts, and continue to keep their membership active, utilize our digital membership resources to stay active and fit during this time.
Credits for time closed
We understand many in our community are out-of-work due to COVID-19 and experiencing financial hardship. If you are having financial hardship, please contact the Membership Director in the "Have Questions" tab to discuss options.
Other situations may deem necessary for a member to receive a credit for the time the Y is closed. To request a partial credit toward April’s membership dues for the two weeks closed in March, contact the Membership Director in the "Have Questions?" tab.


If you have concerns or questions, please reach out to us using the form below, or contacting us on your center's Facebook page. 


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