social-food-driveBecause Ys offer such a wide variety of programs and serve all sorts of people, they become integrated with the communities where they are located. The volunteers who serve on our boards of management tell us what their community needs and we set about to help.

Most Y programs have their beginnings in ideas that were meant to help a need in one community that turned into a need in many communities.

  • YMCAs defined the solution for “latchkey” children through before and after school programs that keep children safe so their parents can work.
  • YMCAs developed the first indoor swimming pool and have taught America to swim making children safer in the water and giving peace of mind to millions of parents.
  • Back in the ’70s when Americans fell in love with the idea of health and fitness, YMCAs became the place to go for fitness programs that made it fun to exercise.
  • The latest example is the YMCA’s interest in America’s health crisis – particularly overweight and inactive children. All of our programs now feature fun ways for children to exercise the recommended 30 minutes of sustained activity as well as learn about proper nutrition and even cooking techniques and recipes through our 5210 program.

Businesses that have helped build stronger communities:

Old Point National Bank Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
United Way of the Virginia Peninsula Waters Edge Church
American Diabetes Association City of Poquoson Schools
Hampton City Schools Greater West Point Schools
Isle of Wight County Schools Newport News Schools
Williamsburg/ James County Schools York County Schools

Yes, Ys listen to the needs of the community and then take action. But it would be impossible without the help of individuals, businesses, cities, and towns that assist us with the means to the answers that help not only the thousands of YMCA members we serve but help us to fulfill our mission every day.

The YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas is an agency of the United Way which provides funds to help us provide child care services to families who otherwise would not be able to afford proper childcare; families whose children might otherwise be left alone before and after school or throughout the summer months; children who might otherwise not be in a safe environment or left in the care of other siblings who aren’t yet responsible enough for such an important job. You can help us keep children and your communities safe when you donate to the YMCA through your United Way contribution.

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.